Hi readers, we’re so excited to finally meet you. Let us introduce ourselves.

We are Megamotions, a full-service creative design studio to give all businesses that extra edge to stand out in a competitive market. We excel at curating beautiful business stories and identities. In short, we’re the ones who will create that “aha” moment for your business!


Before we begin and tell you how we become magic hands for your business growth and what we offer, let us first talk a little about WHY it is fundamentally important to present yourself well, visually in today’s online world. We are all well aware of the impact of the exposure we have to different digital mediums, including social media channels, print media, tv ads & commercials, don’t we? People today are so quick to make judgements if they don’t like what they see on the first go! One wrong move and your business is out of the scene in a matter of seconds. So you see how absolutely important “first impressions”are?


That’s where Megamotions becomes your saviour, your guiding light, call us whatever you like! But, it’s the enormity of our creativity that will make your product/service a market or client favorite.


Now comes the best part of how we do it?


We offer a full-range of visual services for your business that suits your budget. We know how working with a design studio for a branding video or for a business solution explainer video can be daunting sometimes. But, at Megamotions, it’s different! We are dedicated to offer best services in a manner that works best for you.


We specialize in concept development, animation videos of all styles – explainer videos, character animation, infographics and whiteboard. Did we hear you say corporate videos? Well, well , well, you’ll be delighted to know that we not only create corporate videos but we also do live shoots! Oh, did we mention – animated logo design too? Yes, Megamotions is a business owner’s destination where all visual goals for his/her business come true!


Each business idea is unique, each business message is different, each story needs special visual treatment! And, for us at Megamotions each client and his project is a welcome challenge to showcase what difference we can bring to each business story. It’s most important for us to see a satisfied smile on YOUR client/customers faces that our work can bring!


To know more about us take a tour of our whole website, go through our creative process in detail, then next, pick up the phone and give us a call, we’re all set to create your business story!