First up let’s begin by learning what exactly an Explainer or Explanatory video is. An explanatory video is a short animated or still video that delivers a business idea in a simple, engaging and direct way. And we at Megamotions are kind of best in doing that for your business.


Don’t believe? Go on and read below a few facts that reasons out what we’re talking about.


1. People like to watch more than reading


Even while you’re reading this article, the first thing that caught your attention was the visual banner created for it, right? That’s exactly the point we’re trying to make here. The most engaging and attractive way for any business to connect with their target audience is through the medium of visuals. And by visuals, we’re specifically referring to moving ones. Animated of moving visuals work both as informational and educational resource. Here is an example that created by us:


2. An engaging ‘Animated Video’ also helps to boost your SEO


SEO – Search Engine Optimization, uses several valuable factors and figures to determine a specific website ranking. Basically, the more time people spend on your site, the more the search engine comprehends it as valuable content. In simple words, it’s always best to keep engage people online. And in order to do that you need a wholesome animated video!  According to a study, embed videos on your website is 50 times more likely to feature on the top results of popular search engine like Google.


3. Brand awareness and growth in shareability


Any animated explainer video we create is 100% customizable which means they are infused with the elements of your brand identity like color and theme. This definitely boosts and solidifies your online appearance making your business stand out above the competition. Strong visuals play a big role in creating your brand identity which directly helps generate growth and shareability.


4. Never ending promotion


Very few of us are known to this fact. Yes, a visually strong and engaging animated video is the perfect way to promote any brand or business even after years of their posting on any online platform. People love consuming entertaining, appealing and informative content and sharing it with their peers. This helps build a strong viewership who love to share fun facts or a cool video within their social network.



5. CTA – call to action


And finally, animated videos are a great way to guide your audience on their ‘next action’. Often people get confused when they don’t know whether to ask for contact details or to share their own. And that is where a good call to action comes into play. It is the final business message you give to them at the end of your explainer video to pick up that phone and make that call to you!

So now that you know how important videos are for any business, you should pick up that phone and call us now! We are Megamotions where we turn any idea mega-hit videos.

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