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Everyone in this world who’s running a business has one ultimate goal, and that is to spread his/her business message out loud. Whether it be a small scale or a fortune enterprise, we all need a way to get out there, something that our audiences can connect with. And guess what that thing is – a video! Yes, only a video has the potential to pass out a complex or abstract idea. But how to choose which video format works best for our business? Today, we here at Megamotions are here to make your video selection journey a lot easier.


And while doing that there’s one word that comes instantly to our minds – Motion graphics! This explainer video style helps deliver any business idea, no matter how complex it may be. By the power of amazing visuals your marketing goals can be easily met. Let’s see some of the key features of Motions Graphics style:

Key Features Of Motion Graphics

So far we read that motion graphics is one of the best styles that breaks down any complex or abstract idea while making sure that the video is engaging and persuasive. But the question is: what makes this style different from other types? Here we have compiled the main features and characteristics that this style offers.

  • It is elegant and sophisticated
  • It’s perfect for companies that have a more “formal” approach.
  • It offers a strong combination of attractive visuals and can also be educational and appealing at the same time
  • It has a huge synthesis power. This means, it’s one of the best styles to communicate facts, numbers, statistics and data
  • It gives you the chance to turn boring or dull information into the highly appealing piece of content.


Here are the few styles in Motion Graphic video style to choose from:


Thinking beyond the boring Äbout Us page is important. When it comes to engaging, educating and exciting a customer or client about your product or service, an animated explainer video in motion graphic style becomes your best choice and that’s what we master in at Megamotions.


Character Animation:

Characters give your video life, with suitable backgrounds, props and other fascinating elements. They can talk or simply act to directly communicate your business message across to your audience. No other way can be as effective and as appealing as this.  


Whiteboard Animation:

Whiteboard animation style puts out key features of your product or service for your audience in ‘real-time’ fashion of presentation. No doubt it is highly engaging with the magic of hand-sketched narrative style with visual graphics and text.


Infographics Animation:

No client or customer has time for lengthy brochures or sales letters. Infographics style animation videos are easy and appealing to the eyes and can deliver your message within minutes.


Corporate videos/Live Shoots:

New product launches, company overviews, internal communications to how-to training videos, corporate videos are a rage these days.  And at Megamotions creative studios we do everything from initial concept to the final edit we’ll craft the entire story for you.


Your business needs the right medium of exposure to a large and videos are the best way to reach out to a large section of the audience. Contact us and let’s talk about your video needs!