The concept for corporate videos for business is not new. With the amount of exposure the internet has given to this type of video, platform has increased its effectiveness for business growth. And also with time, corporate videos have become an essential tool for communication with our clients, customers and even employees! So how well do you communicate with your clients? Or directly speaking, have you considered to create a corporate video for enhanced communication? Now’s the time.


To let you know why it is the best time to invest in a corporate video, we would like to present to some points that might apply to your business. Read below:


Clients want to “see”, not “hear”


Corporate clients are those set of people who are no longer convinced with auditory pitching. Agreed? Each individual processes information in a different manner. Based on studies, consumers recall 10% of what they hear and 20% of what they see. So, it is absolutely important to rightly understand the benefits of corporate videos and how they will help you yo make the right impression to your potential or new clients.


Corporate videos add value to your business


If you can’t tell your clients what you do and how can you benefit them in an engaging way then be sure to see them off your door in a jiffy! Yep, clients/customers today prefer to be convinced in a 60-second visual tour that explains your business in a true sense. And for that nothing is better than a good corporate video that delivers a full description of your brand.


Corporate videos are best marketing tools


Why corporate videos work primarily is because they are fun way to visually showcase your business. It doesn’t always have to be a serious or a slick Hollywood style production. In fact, websites with corporate videos work best simply because they focus more on your uses of product and trends. Videos are a great way of reminding people that your company is run by people with similar values and beliefs.


Increased social media reach


Well, it’s no secret that social media has become a vital tool for marketing when it comes to solely engaging customers. Research says that every minute, some 700 videos are shared in Twitter alone! So you see the kind of immense reach we are talking here. And getting a corporate video made and sharing it online on social media means connecting with a wide range of audience which otherwise costs a lot more than one can imagine.


Great opportunity for call-to-action

The greatest purpose for any business to invest in marketing is to get their client or customers to use their products or services. And trust me when it comes to directing viewers to visit a website or help them learn more information, nothing works better than videos. If your videos are well-made then it can lead to countless conversions in no time. Corporate videos are best to pitch a client without being too salesy about it.


Final takeaway…


Now that you have been pretty familiarized with some of the most important advantages of having a corporate video made for your business, the question is who would make the best for you? At Megamotions we can show and tell your story in a corporate style like no other studio in town. Don’t believe? Go through our portfolio and give us a call now!